Catch 122 Cafe Bistro

Catch 122 Bistro, located in Gastown, is famous for their scrumptious brunches and cocktails. However, their dinner service is highly underrated and one of downtown’s best kept secrets.


Catch 122 is owned and run by husband and wife team Brent Kyle and Tammy Siu. The furniture and decor has been expertly designed and curated by Tammy, creating an atmosphere that is both urban and earthy.


The restaurant specializes in seasonal and sustainable plates that are perfect for sharing. Their menu changes with the seasons.

We started our meal with the Crispy Octopus in wakame spices and served with smoked mayonnaise. This was a unique dish, it was the right combination of chewy and crispy.


The Hummus was big enough to share. Nice hints of lemon, good texture and a bit of smoked paprika and served with homemade wheat crackers. Every dish was served with expert design and was beautiful to look at.


Catch 122 is also known for their craft cocktails like the Chill Girlfriend. This gin cocktail is made with elderflower liqueur, London Dry gin, cucumber, basil and fresh lemon juice.


Now for my first favourite dish of the night (there were several): The Fried Chicken. This juicy and perfectly coated dish was everything fried chicken should be. Where do I start: it was moist on the inside and crispy on the outside. The sweetness of the sweet and sour peach and the tanginess of the kohlrabi slaw were perfect accompaniments to it. If dining at Catch 122, do yourself a favour and order it. You won’t regret it.


Another dish worth sharing is the Beef Carpaccio – it’s served with smoked olives that are so good with the meat and  chimichurri. Really, really good.


Moving on to main plates, we ordered the Roasted Summer Squash Rissotto. This dish is a perfect vegetarian delight. The risotto was perfectly cooked and had hints of  Pecorino cheese and olive oil.


Another one of my favourite dishes: The Albacore Tuna with roasted tomatoes and green beans. This simple dish was served with a delicate tomato dashi. The tuna was lightly seared and together with the broth was a perfect, light summer meal. The size of the dish was perfect for one person.


Save room for dessert! The Lemon Curd is Catch 122‘s take on the traditional lemon meringue pie. It’s served with delicate lavender meringues that melt in your tongue, and it’s topped with graham cracker crumble, and a bit of whipped cream. It’s garnished with lemon balm, which gives the dish a nice lemon scent.


And my final favourite: The Okanagan Peaches.  crumbled streusel,  elderflower and vanilla ice cream. These local peaches deserve a taste.

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DISCLAIMER: I was a guest of Catch 122 and my meal was complimentary. My opinions are my own and Catch 122 did not see this post prior posting. 

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  1. Wow these dishes look so incredible! The hummus sounds divine. Lemony hummus is my favorite. And beautiful photography!!


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