Battle Rides at RYU and Spin City

Ever been to a spinning class?

How about a spinning class with a live DJ??

AND two trainers?

That was the experience at the latest Battle Rides held at RYU in Kits!


Now, I’m not much of a cyclist so agreeing to doing this was a little out of the ordinary for me BUT I did ask whether it’d be ok for someone with no experience – I was told YES, it would depend on how much intensity you want to put in.

So, of course, I said “I’ll do it!”.

It was amazingly strenuous! But I wouldn’t have had it any other way. It made the experience SO worth it (except for my lady parts which had lingering discomfort two days later).

I’ll do my best to describe it as I experienced it:

I arrived only 10 minutes before my battle time at 1:20pm – so I had to hurry to sign in and get help setting myself up on my bike (which was right next to the sidewalk).

Hair loose, I climbed up and got ‘strapped’ in. Third row from the front.

Daisy Battle Rides Experience

Right away, two great looking guys (Brent and Anil) started motivating everyone through their mics bringing up local references as we ‘climbed up the hill that goes up to UBC’.

Here we go!

Equipment Needed for Spinning

Music cranked and resistance low.

Peddling as I sat, getting myself into the rhythm  – music was bang on! The DJ was Mary Mac, look her up.

Mary Mac Battle Rides

About 10 minutes in, with the noon sun beaming down and resistance at a different level, I was wishing for my ponytail that was sitting inside my purse located on the floor next to my bike.

With no clue how to unstrap myself from these pedals to reach down to grab it, I could only stare down at it with an increased desire.

Sweating buckets, I kept on peddling.

‘Stand up from your seat, pedal, pedal, keep going!’ I heard.

Brent and Anil Spin City

Looking up at everyone, those in front of me were keeping up with the pace from the instructors. Me? I was lagging behind. Waaay behind. But my little legs kept going.

Then out of no where, the idea of doing a standing push-up while peddling was introduced.

Great! *sarcasm*

As we stood up, we were to bring our chest down to the handle bars, then back up again, for four – three – two – one.

Sit down and pedal!

And again!

As I sat down and kept on peddling, I noticed my ‘lady parts’ begin to hurt. A sort of sore feeling.

So the more I sat, the more it hurt.

At one point, I was putting a lot of weight onto my arms to avoid sitting down – which made the workout much more intense!

Resistance turned high, then low, it really was up to the intensity that you decided to put into it.

I did my best to stay pretty high but in all honesty, compared to everyone else, I was probably the most rookie of them all.

After Battle RIdes

Once it was time for the cool down and we were asked to unmount, I was in a bit of a pickle not knowing how to get off.

I turned around to ask a fellow battler only to hear the words ‘you just turn your foot away from the bike’.

That was it?!

I could have gotten off my bike halfway through to grab my ponytail? Seriously!

All in all, this was by far the craziest workout I’ve ever done!

But SO rewarding! ‘lady parts’ pain aside, I felt invincible and had the soaked top to prove it.

If you’re looking for the one workout that will get you back into your healthy fitness routine, I think this is it! (Find our more at

You feel killer during but so alive afterwards!

RYU Battle Rides

This weekend Battle Rides was put together by Spin City and Revel Juice at the RYU (Respect Your Universe #BeautifulTough).

When you get a chance, head down for a great class!



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