The First Ever Yoga Expo in Vancouver

I always thought of Vancouver as the epicentre of yoga in Canada. Now that is only my humble (and possibly erroneous) opinion of course, but looking at all of the different yoga studios, yoga stores, and yoga pants you see down the street it’s very easy to think the way I do. Plus, being in Vancouver is the main reason that I got into yoga and running in the first place. So I was quite excited to hear that for the first time The Yoga Expo was coming to Vancouver this year.

 On October 1st and 2nd, the Vancouver Convention Centre will be buzzing with experienced, amateur, and beginner yogis for two full days of everything yoga. From yoga clothes to yoga food, from yoga jewellery to yoga acrobatics. This is a chance to experience what yoga is all about.

On the first day I had a chance to try delicious sustainable and healthy snacks, do some meditation, look at beautiful jewellery, try on some very comfortable and functional yoga wear, and take a couple of classes. The Yoga Expo has a motto of “Experience Mindful Living” and I certainly felt that way in just a couple of hours. I definitely got to practice, taste, listen, and shop my yoga and it was awesome!

 The best part is that it’s not over yet! I still have one more day on October 2nd to have the full experience again so it’s not too late for you to also join in the fun. Whether you are an experienced Yogi or you are just thinking about trying yoga for the first time this is definitely the place to do it and I’m sure you’ll find something to your liking. Check out Sunday’s schedule and info here: 

$35 gets you a full day pass with access to the marketplace and dozens of classes. I’d love to see you get your yoga on!


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  1. MArcela says:

    I want information for the next Expo yoga pelase


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