Fresh Prep Offers Fast and Tasty Meal Solutions for your Busy Lifestyle

To say I’m a busy person it’s an understatement. 

I have a full-time job, a busy blog, and a young family with an adorable yet very active, four-year-old. At the end of a busy work day, not only am I exhausted, but I dread going thru all the motions of finding a healthy recipe, making sure I have all the freshest ingredients available and prepping and cooking a well-balanced meal for my family. Who’s got time for that?

Enter the convenience of Fresh Prep, A new Vancouver food delivery service whose mission is to help busy families and individuals create mouthwatering, healthy meals in 30 minutes or less.

What differentiates this product from the rest is that prep is already done for you. Vegetables are sliced,  liquids are pre measured, and the goal is to create your meal in 2 pots or less to make cleaning up more convenient.

I’ll admit I was skeptical, especially when I got my first delivery: a quinoa protein bowl and a tofu cashew stir fry. These didn’t seem like easy recipes.

My first try was the Quinoa Protein Bowl.

The Shrimp Quinoa Lime Protein bowl is the perfect summer meal. It’s packed full of lean protein and healthy fats and makes an excellent dinner for anyone interested in weight-loss or following a healthy diet. Not only that, it’s gluten-free, dairy-free and sugar-free. It was delicious.
Cooking time took less than 25 minutes, which I was very pleased with. I only had to use two pots to cook: One for the quinoa and one for the shrimp. Easy cleaning for me!
The second meal I created with FreshPrep was the Ginger Mushroom and Cashew Stir Fry. It’s so nice to have vegetarian options that are tasty and easy to make.
The verdict? I found Fresh Prep very convenient, the prices are reasonable ($11 per plate) and the portions are good. There’s three of us, and even though Dylan is only four, he’s a good eater. I order meals for two people and there’s plenty for the three of us. The ingredients are fresh and of good quality, and prep time really takes no time at all. This busy mom approves.
You too can try Fresh Prep. Right now get 3 free meals (a $33 value) with this link.
 Disclaimer: I was given a week try out for this service. My opinions are my own. I’m also continuing to use Fresh Prep on my own dime because I really liked the convenience and the recipes. 

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