Queer Eye on Netflix: The Fab 5 are Back!

I believe that there’s a small part of each of us that wishes to reboot our lives, transforming us into a better version of ourselves…one that would feel stronger, more grounded, happier and more confident. The problem usually comes down to a sincere lack of discipline or motivation to make those critical changes that can transform and re-ignite our passion for our lives.

Enter the Netflix’s remake of Bravo’s hit TV series Queer Eye for the Straight Guy entitled Queer Eye. It’s not often that you find a snackable and binge-worthy TV reality series that can teach you lessons and tips on how to go about making your own transformation. Enter the Queer Eye crew, a Fab Five of experts on self-improvement who work hard on each and every 45-minute episode to bring about amazing transformations. The crew is comprised of Antoni Porowski (the food expert), Tan France (fashion), Karamo Brown (culture), Bobby Berk (design), and Jonathan Van Ness (grooming).

Without a doubt, if you watch carefully you will typically choke up a bit either during or towards the end of each episode due to the sheer genuine caring and authentic emotions that each of these five show to each and every person they try to help. It’s not often that you find five strong personalities who work so well with each other as well as with the various distinct and varied cases they try to help. It’s not so much a makeover, but rather a physical, psychological, emotional and cultural transformation of the individuals home, appearance, self-esteem, relationships and even cooking skills.

If you’re looking for a something to watch that gives you that “feel-good” uplifting vibe that it is still good in the world, then grab a seat and watch these self-improvement specialists as they complete their second successful season as they help their “heroes” build better and happier lives.



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