Make Your Own Tea Blend Workshop

As an avid tea drinker, I’m always on the lookout for new tea blends to try. I’m also curious about herbal remedies and tinctures to help support my body’s systems. Having a holistic wellness regimen is what I aim to do and I love finding new ways to help support my journey.

This Sunday I attended a short, but very informative, workshop as an introduction to making my own herbal tea blends. The workshop was facilitated by Bite Wellness Consulting and it was chock full of interesting information about a few herbs and the benefits and contraindications of taking them for wellness.

Andrea Zimmering is a Certified Nutritional Consultant who emphasizes her practice on forming a positive relationship with food “through evaluating and adjusting our mentality when it comes to our health.” She put together a fun workshop with a lot of information, tasting samples, and in the end, you got to make your very own blend to take away. There’s so much information and I feel that this workshop touched on the basics to put into practice right away! I’m looking forward to a follow-up workshop in the months to come.

To reach out to Andrea and to keep informed to any events coming up you can find her at


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