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Category: Wellness

#CarlsCrew is Back! Week 1 #Contest

Carl’s Crew is back! For the next four weeks I’ll be posting healthy challenges straight from Carl Savard, Subway Canada‘s Commit to Fit ambassador. This week’s challenge is all about UNFINISHED […]

Fitbit Charge Review

Just this past Christmas my wife bought me something from my wish list. The Fitbit charge ( I had originally been introduced to the idea of a wearable tracking device […]

5 Foods that are Silently Killing You

Everyone deserves an occasional indulgence, but if you want to optimize your health, and still fit in your skinny jeans, these foods are a no, no, no. 1. Pop Soda […]

Top Picks for Class Pass Vancouver

Ever dreamed of having one gym membership to rule them all? Not having to pay hundreds of dollars for muliple memberships to your regular gym, the CrossFit box (ok I admit, […]

Wojo Nutrition

Being a fitness instructor doesn’t necessarily mean that I am a happy-go-lucky always-bubbly energy bunny. In fact, if you ask your Zumba, Aerobics, or any type of fitness class instructor, […]

The Juicery Co – new location opening

Finding healthier alternatives when out and about doesn’t have to be like looking for a needle in a haystack anymore. A few years back, there were only a handful available […]

5 Things I Learned Running a Marathon

Author’s note: While I love food, there are certainly other topics I like to write about such as fitness. When I do, they usually end up on Two Girls. One Blog. I […]