Paleo-diet approved fast food from Taco Time – Chicken and Beef Salads

One of the hardest parts of trying to follow a Paleo diet is finding local fast food restaurants that offer meals that are both delicious and Paleo-friendly.

This article is a continuation of my previous Paleo Fast Food post that identified Paleo menu items at McDonald’s and Wendy’s restaurants.

Today we are going to discuss the delightful salads available through Taco Time.

Taco Time Chain
Photo Credit: Jake Sheridan

We’ll be comparing their Beef Taco Salad with their Chicken Taco Salad.

Taco Time’s Chicken or Beef Taco Salads
Photo Credit: Jake Sheridan

The Beef Taco Salad is a  combination of crisp lettuce, diced tomatoes, grated cheddar cheese, and seasoned ground beef.

Taco Time’s Beef Taco Salad (Without the shell or dressing)
Photo Credit: Jake Sheridan

By removing the salad topper chips, dressing, and taco shell,  it’s a very decent meal, clocking in at only 425 calories, with a whopping 26.5 grams of protein, 9.1 grams of saturated fat, and 7.9 grams of sugar.

The Chicken Taco Salad is also very similar. If you remove the taco shell, dressing and chips…you get a Paleo-friendly salad of crisp lettuce along with Taco Time’s special salsa fresca, grated cheddar cheese, fajita chicken strips mixed with fresh onions and peppers.

Taco Time’s Chicken Taco Salad (Without the shell or dressing)
Photo Credit: Jake Sheridan

Not only is it as large as the Beef Taco Salad, but it’s contains roughly 50% less calories, clocking in at only 255 calories. Yet, it still contains a decent 16.6 grams of protein, 10.4 grams of fat, and 8.3 grams of sugar.

Now we come to price and size. They both come on large cardboard plates, and are relatively the same size. The  364 gram Beef Taco Salad is just slightly larger that the 342 gram Chicken Taco Salad.

In terms of price, the Chicken Taco Salad is slightly more expensive at $9.02 CAD compared to the $7.97 CAD Beef Taco Salad.

Taco Time’s Chicken or Beef Taco Salads
Photo Credit: Jake Sheridan

Having sampled both salads my impression is that if you need to watch your calories, then the Chicken Taco Salad is a good option. Although more expensive, is better for your waistline. However, if you’re wanting to feel full quicker, the cheaper yet larger Beef Taco Salad is best. Although higher in calories, it will leave you feeling fuller due to it’s whopping 26.5 grams of protein and additional 22 grams worth of ingredients.

Taco Time makes an effort to make sure their salads use only fresh ingredients, so there’s no doubt in my mind that if I needed a quick and easy Paleo-friendly fast food option I’d gladly drop by their location to enjoy a freshly made Paleo-friendly salad made by their friendly staff.

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