Yoga from the Rastafari Perspective Event

Reggae and yoga? Sign me up!

On July 26th, a new movement will be arriving in Vancouver: Yoga from the African/Rastafari perspective.

Jah9 will be leading this practice of Kemetic Yoga with The Dub Treatment playing live.

If you’re not familiar with what Kemetic Yoga is, let me explain:

It’s an ancient Egyptian system of yoga. Its healing and regenerative properties are created through a series of geometrically progressive postures that create alignment of the spinal column and work on the skeletal musical system – activating the parasympathetic nervous system.

All while moving to reggae sounds!

Yoga on DubI

Singer, Jah9, and local yogi Danielle Hoogenboom, will be co-teaching this evening so you’ll be sure to have assistance if needed during your practice.

This will be an intimate evening. Sharing vital, vegan, and raw foods. The bar will be closed for kombucha cocktails, matcha and alkaline water. Plus, a marketplace of Jamaican jewellery, natural crafts and other items for you to recreate the ambiance in your home.

There will be meditation and conversation involved so be ready to zen-out and move your body!


The next day on the 27th, you can catch Jah9 in concert with Desiree Dawson and DJ Tank Gyal. This will be a musical treat with new sounds and special offerings.

Get tickets here.


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