Wellness Trends for 2019

Most new year’s resolutions are always the same: Eat healthier, get more exercise, focus more on wellness – but with so many trends and everyone looking for the next “magic pill” it’s hard to find something that resonates with you, as well as being doable. How many of us have started the year full of good intentions but soon after we leave those intentions behind and fall back into old habits? 

For the past 27 years, Lower Mainland residents have relied upon The Wellness Show as a leader in showcasing the latest, up-and-coming wellness trends every year. This year’s show takes place February 2 and 3 at the Vancouver Convention Centre, West Building.

As the year winds down and we start to reset our clocks for 2019, what will the leading health and wellness trends be? Here are the top 7 wellness trends that are going to have a big impact in the next twelve months.

More diversity in media. One very positive trend over the past few years is reflecting back to us, through the media, a diversity of people of different colours, sizes, and abilities. There is an increasing demand for people to see images of people that they can relate to on television, in films and advertising.

Sustainably produced products. As we become more and more concerned about the environment and our impact on it, it becomes more and more important to divert as much waste as possible from the landfill, and to create closed loops. LOOP Mission, a local company created by David Cote (RISE Kombucha) takes “ugly” fruits and vegetables (that would normally be discarded) and turn them into delicious juice.  Then, they take the residual pulp and turn it into dog treats. David will be sampling Loop Juice at The Wellness Show, and will also be giving a seminar titled From Trash to Treasure, Reducing Food Waste with Circular Economy.

Zero waste packaging. Over the last few years, we’ve seen a huge shift towards more environmentally-friendly packaging; like packages made of compostable or recyclable ingredients, for example. But a big up-and-coming trend is zero-waste stores where you bring in your own clean, refillable containers and purchase only what you need. Additionally, you can outfit yourself with a zero-waste kit for daily use: reusable water bottle, coffee mug, utensils, silicone zip-top bags and straws. Add to your kit a toothbrush from Brush Naked: they come packaging-free and are compostable. Check out OKReusables.com for more ideas.


Travel with intention. Vacations are not always about exploring new places and cultures. They can also offer a life-changing experience. Mindful adventures include volunteering in places like South America, Africa, South East Asia and Mexico (see www.gadventures.com for more). Additionally, yoga or fitness retreats are a great way to learn, connect to ourselves, give back and gather with like-minded individuals. Find more retreat ideas at www.arrowyoga.com or www.headplusheart.com.

CBD and Hemp. Cannabidiols (derived from the hemp plant and containing no intoxicating THC oil) are finally getting their moment in the spotlight. Though they’ve been hailed for thousands of years for their calming and healing properties, these past few years they have begun to show up everywhere—from our beer to our skincare and everywhere in between. Check out Natera Life’s full line of hemp products, ranging from protein powders to hemp hearts to heart-and-brain-healthy hemp oil.

Hemp is sustainable, full of plant-based protein, and CBD oil makes an appearance in skincare like the kind featured at High Vibes Apothecary. Of special note are products meant to relieve women of monthly period pain. BC Bud Rub helps ease sore muscles and joints, and MCRCI will be on hand to answer all your medical marijuana questions.


IV treatments are going mainstream. IV treatments came on the scene a few years ago, and were purported to be a great hangover cure. Now, we’ll see more people using IV treatments on a regular basis as part of their wellness routine. They work because the drip bypasses your body’s digestive system and delivers nutrients in a more bioavailable form. Offerings available from local Mainline Wellness include Iron, Magnesium, an Immune Booster (to help recover from a cold fast) or a workout recovery formula.

Wellness Under one roof. One-stop shopping when it comes to wellness is a trend we can seriously get behind. Victoria’s Encompass Health includes Nutritionists, Chiropractors, Acupuncture, and Massage Therapy all in one convenient downtown location. Locally check out Avicenna Holistic Centre and Honor Wellness. Vancouver’s True Nosh offers healthy cooking classes, yoga, and women’s-only wellness retreats.


For more on the latest and greatest, most up-to-date health and wellness products, recipes, and trends, visit The Wellness Show this February! Tickets are $14.50 General Admission, $12.50 Seniors 65+ / Students with valid ID, $6.00 Children (5 and under free), and $20.00 2 – day, all access pass. Tickets are available for sale now, at thewellnessshow.com, or at the door.


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